Standards and Privileges

Home Page of the Committee on Standards and Privileges.  Here you will find information about the Committee membership and the work of the Committee during the Mandate.

The role and functions of the Committee for Standards and Privileges included the following main areas:

  • Developing and maintaining the standards regime in respect of Assembly Members’ conduct (including: responsibility for the Code of Conduct and Guide to the Rules; putting in place the arrangements for having allegations of misconduct investigated; and for overseeing the maintenance and publication of the Register of Members’ Interests).
  • Considering reports on investigations into specific complaints of alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct (including determining whether a breach of the Code of Conduct has occurred and, where appropriate, recommending to the Assembly that a sanction be imposed).
  • Considering specific matters relating to privilege referred to it by the Assembly.
  • Approving the formation of All-Party Groups and overseeing the maintenance and publication of a ‘Register of All-Party Groups’.

Advice on making a complaint can be found at