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The Assembly Commission is the corporate body of the Northern Ireland Assembly. It consists of an MLA from each of the five main parties, plus the Speaker of the House who acts as Chairperson, and its role is to oversee the organisation and to provide services, structures and property in order for the Assembly to function. 

The Northern Ireland Assembly employs staff (the Secretariat) to support its work. The Secretariat is divided into five strands; Corporate Services, Corporate Support Unit, Facilities, Legal, Governance and Research Services and Parliamentary Services. There is more information available on the configuration of the Secretariat in the Organisation Chart.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is the top-level leadership and management forum in the Assembly Secretariat. Its primary role is to ensure the effective delivery of the Assembly Commission’s Corporate Plan.

SMT also has responsibility for advising and supporting the Chief Executive in the exercise of his duties. This includes advice and support on the strategic direction and overall management of the Assembly Secretariat. In addition to this advisory and support role, SMT also fulfils a leadership role across each of the Directorates which includes the co-ordination and delivery of cross-Directorate activities. SMT has responsibility for the development and implementation of strategy, management of risk, and oversight of performance including financial performance and service delivery. Find out more about the Senior Management Team...

Minutes of SMT meetings are held monthly. View the Minutes of SMT meetings...

Freedom of Information

If you want a better understanding of how the Assembly carries out its duties, why it makes the decisions that it does and how it spends public money, you or any organisation may request information from the Assemby under the FOI Act 2000.

Assembly Commission Audit and Risk Committee

The Assembly Commission established the Assembly Commission Audit and Risk Committee (ACARC) to support the Chief Executive (in his/her role as Accounting Officer) and the Assembly Commission and Senior Management Team in monitoring their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance by reviewing the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the organisation’s assurance needs and reviewing the reliability and integrity of these assurances.

Sustainable Development

The Assembly Commission is committed to becoming an examplar institution in terms of sustainable development and environmental impact.

You can view figures on how much energy is consumed by Parliament Buildings, the carbon emissions produced and how much waste is recycled. You can also find out more about Parliament Buildings and our commitment to sustainable development.

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