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The Northern Ireland Assembly employs staff (the Secretariat) to support its work. The Secretariat is divided into five strands; the Corporate Support Office and the Corporate Services, Facilities,  Legal and Governance Services And Parliamentary Services Directorates. There is more information available on the configuration of the Secretariat in the Organisation Chart.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is the top-level leadership and management forum in the Assembly Secretariat. Its primary role is to ensure the effective delivery of the Assembly Commission’s Corporate Plan.

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Assembly Commission Audit and Risk Committee

The Assembly Commission established the Assembly Commission Audit and Risk Committee (ACARC) to support the Clerk /Chief Executive (in her role as Accounting Officer) and the Assembly Commission and Secretariat Management Team in monitoring their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance by reviewing the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the organisation’s assurance needs and reviewing the reliability and integrity of these assurances.