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Committees of the Northern Ireland Assembly

What is a committee?

Committees are groups of MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) who look at specific subjects such as health, education, justice and more. Committee members come from different political parties.


  • hold the Northern Ireland Executive (the government) to account
  • hold inquiries
  • ask for your views
  • examine bills (proposed laws) and decide on amendments (changes)
  • introduce their own bills

Committees have a remit which says what areas they are responsible for. Committees can look at anything in their remit.

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Northern Ireland Assembly Committees 2022-2027

Follow the work of Assembly Committees during the 2022-2027 mandate:

Inquiries, Consultations and Calls for Evidence - Have your say

As part of their regular scrutiny duties, Committees may ask stakeholders and members of the public for their views and submissions on a particular subject or piece of legislation.

This is a chance for you to have your say and help Committees with their work.

We have a dedicated Citizen Space hub for our consultations which you can visit to see what is currently being consulted upon.

You can check out current calls for evidence below:

Please note that these consultation links will take you to our Citizen Space site.


View the status of all our consultations by visiting our Citizen Space hub hompage [EXTERNAL LINK]

You can also view previous calls for evidence on our Citizen Space 'Find activities' page [EXTERNAL LINK]

Northern Ireland Assembly Committees 2016-2017

Information about the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly Committees during the 2016-2017 Mandate.

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Northern Ireland Assembly Committees 2011-2016

Information about the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly Committees during the 2011-2016 Mandate.

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Northern Ireland Assembly Committees - Earlier Mandates

Statutory Committees

Section 29(1)(a) of the Northern Ireland Act (1998) requires that Standing Orders 'make provision for establishing committees of Members of the Assembly (statutory committees) to advise and assist each Northern Ireland minister in the formulation of policy with respect to matters within his/her responsibilities as a minister'.

Standing Committees

The Northern Ireland Act 1998 and Assembly Standing Orders numbers 51, 52 and 54 to 59 provide for the establishment of standing committees.
Standing committees are permanent committees of the Assembly and have specific roles assigned to them within Standing Orders.

Privacy Notice for Assembly Committees

Assembly Committees may handle your personal information if you provide evidence to a Committee during a meeting, provide a written submission to an inquiry or call for evidence, or participate in a Committee event. 

The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and any personal information you provide is protected and used in line with data protection legislation.

For full details, please read the Privacy Notice for Assembly Committees.

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