Exhibitions Policy

As part of its Section 75 duties, the Assembly Commission are obliged to ensure that all new and revised policies are equality screened. As part of the screening process, the Commission is committed to providing the opportunity for individuals and groups to consider and comment on draft policies and screening forms.

In 2012 the Assembly Commission approved a Good Relations Action Plan. The action plan committed to the ‘development of an Exhibitions Policy and yearly Exhibition’s Schedule’.  The Commission has developed an exhibitions policy, the aims of which are to:

  • increase public engagement
  • improve the understanding of the role of the Assembly
  • enhance the quality and variety of the visiting experience

The screening form and draft Exhibitions Policy can be found here:

Exhibitions Policy Screening Document

Comments can be submitted on the policy impact feedback form which can be accessed here:

Policy Feedback Form

Alternatively, you are welcome to submit feedback in a format of your choice.

The consultation will close on Friday 7th June at 5pm.

For further information on the Exhibitions Policy or to request documents in alternative formats, please contact Maria Bannon, Equality Manager:

Telephone: 02890 418377
Text Phone: 02890 521209
Email: equality@niassembly.gov.uk