Common Frameworks

EU law created consistent practices across the UK in a range of policy areas. The UK Government has worked, together with the devolved administrations, to develop ‘common frameworks’ which create common practice in policy areas which were

a) previously managed by EU law; and,
b) intersect with devolved competence.

These frameworks will maintain UK or GB wide policy approaches in certain policy areas and set out arrangements for a shared approach to policy development and implementation.

Common frameworks may consist of common goals, minimum or maximum standards, harmonisation, limits on action, or mutual recognition, depending on the policy area and the objectives being pursued. Frameworks may be implemented by legislation, by executive action, by memorandums of understanding, or by other means depending on the context in which the framework is intended to operate. A set of jointly developed principles guide the development of common frameworks.

The implementation of the Ireland - Northern Ireland Protocol means that in some instances it will not be possible to implement in Northern Ireland the policy approaches adopted in GB countries (England, Scotland and Wales).