Common Frameworks Annual Analysis

This page outlines the process of the development of ‘common frameworks’ which create common practice in policy areas which were previously managed by EU law and intersect with devolved competence.

The most recent iteration, Framework Analysis 2021, was published in November 2021 and sets out the latest positions on whether a framework policy area will be implemented, whether through a non-legislative mechanism; through forthcoming legislation; or if no further action is required.

This analysis sets out the latest policy positions on whether a policy area requires a Framework or not, including whether a Framework has any associated primary legislation. The analysis sets out:

120 policy areas where no Framework is required, and the UK Government and devolved administrations will continue to cooperate. Policy areas in this category remain monitored by departments and if a requirement for new implementing arrangements is identified, policy areas in the ‘no Framework required’ category could become a Framework and move category. As such, the numbers set out in this document are subject to change over time. This category was previously termed ‘no further action’ but has been renamed ‘no Frameworks required’ for greater accuracy.

 29 policy areas where common rules and ways of working are or will be implemented through a non-legislative Common Framework agreement. In some of these areas, consistent fixes to retained EU law (made using secondary legislation) create a unified body of law alongside the non-legislative Framework agreement.

3 policy areas where, at the time of publication, new primary legislation had been introduced to reflect the fact that the UK is no longer an EU member state. This legislation implements common rules and ways of working, alongside a non-legislative Framework agreement.

In total there are 32 policy areas where Frameworks are required.

In addition to these individual areas, there is also a significant crossover between the work on the development of common frameworks and other issues such as: intergovernmental relations; the negotiations on the UK - EU future relationship, the UK Internal Market Act; and the out workings of the Ireland / Northern Ireland Protocol.



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