Northern Ireland Assembly Freedom of Information Disclosure Log


ReferenceDisclosure Summary
34-23 A request relating to water ingress at Parliament Buildings
33-23 A request for information on Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme membership 
32-23 A request for MLA expenses related to the Poppy Appeal
31-23 A request for heating, electric and staff costs at Parliament Buildings
30-23 A request for information on Project - BR-078-2022 Research Services to Support the Discovery Phase of the Assembly Commission’s Website Redevelopment and Rede
29-23 A request for Briefing Paper for the Committee for Agriculture & Rural Development including the Lough Neagh Cross-departmental Working Group Report
28-23 A request for utility bills at Parliament buildings since February 2022
27-23 A request for reports relating to unauthorised flags flown from Parliament Buildings
26-23 A request for information relating to Influencer Marketing
25-23 A request for information on Salary Supplements
24-23 A request for information on parcels and letters received and processes for receiving inbound mail
23-23 A request for salary bands and number of personnel at each grade
22-23 A request for information to know how many working days have been available for Assembly business up to 31st July 2023
21-23 A request for information on MLAs salaries and expenses between 3 February 2022 to 31 July 2023
20-23 A request for the number of devices deployed by the Northern Ireland Assembly and plans to procure digital services
19-23 A request for a document on Commissioner's View on Memorial - Historical Institutional Childhood Abuse
18-23 An enquiry about MLA Special Security Arrangements
17-23 An enquiry about an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Lagan Valley Regional Park
14-23 A request for the cost of fresh flowers in Parliament Buildings
13-23 An enquiry about unit pricing of alcohol in Northern Ireland
11-23 A request for a 'Funding Water and Wastewater Services' Research Paper produced by the Assembly's research service
10-23 An enquiry about an office furniture expense for Daniel McCrossan MLA
09-23 A request for information about temporary workers in the Northern Ireland Assembly
08-23 A request for information about electric vehicle car charging networks
06-23 An enquiry about the cost of outdoor gym equipment on the Stormont Estate
05-23 A request for information regarding the use of facial recognition technology in educational establishments
04-23 A request for information regarding the number of abortions performed by the Health and Social Care trusts across Northern Ireland
03-23 A request for information regarding Assembly Members and St Patrick's Day celebrations in the US
02-23 A request for information on accommodation and costs for illegal migrants in Northern Ireland
01-23 A request for Northern Ireland Assembly Secretariat pay scales.

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