Committee Calls for Stronger Environmental Targets as Part of Programme for Government

Session: 2011/2012

Date: 01 March 2012

Reference: ENV 07/11/12

As part of the Assembly’s response to the consultation on the draft Programme for Government, the Assembly Committee for the Environment has highlighted specific environmental targets it believes are currently missing.

Committee Chair Anna Lo MLA said: “As well as the need for clear, measurable targets across the whole draft Programme, the Committee has identified specific environmental issues it would like to see added.

“We’d like to see targets for encouraging reduction and re-use of waste as well as those for recycling.  We need to make sure we have all the necessary measures in place to ensure we can manage our waste before we are faced with the strict limits on the amount of waste that can go to landfill.

“Also, while targets for domestic waste are good, the Committee believes it is essential that there are also targets to work towards for reducing industrial[1] waste because more than four times as much waste is generated by industry. These targets need to be very specific and measurable.

“We would also like to see more detail added on the reform of local government.  This is such a significant change and there should be more information about how it will happen, how will it be funded and what practical steps will be taken to ensure seamless transfer of functions from central government to local councils.

“There is also no mention of The Green New Deal or a Marine Act in the draft Programme for Government; two very important environmental policies that should be included and have very clear targets identified.”

The Assembly response to the consultation on the draft Programme for Government will be coordinated by the Committee for the Office of the First and deputy First Minister.


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