Research Publications 2009

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Number Title
113/09 The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA): Some Possible Implications for Northern Ireland and Lessons from International Experience
112/09 Participation in Sports and Physical Activity
111/09 Townland Names
110/09 Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs)
109/09 Framework for Dealing with Victims and Survivors Issues
108/09 Patient Nutrition
107/09 Costs of Electronic Planning Systems in the UK
106/09 Public Sector Food Procurement in Scotland
105/09 Entertainment Licences
104/09 Powers of Local Government Auditors
103/09 An Investigation into the Use of Septic Tanks in Northern Ireland
102/09 Comparison of ‘First Steps’ Strategy to the Draft ‘Everyone’s Involved’ Strategy
101/09 Abandoning Roads and Footways
100/09 A Critical Analysis of the Department for Finance and Personnel Consultation on the Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2009
99/09 Monday Closure of National Museums Northern Ireland Sites
98/09 Air Ambulances - Research Briefing November 2009
97/09 Obesity Inquiry Research Paper
96/09 The CATCH Program (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) A US. Obesity-Related Initiative for School Children
95/09 Norwegian Nutrition Policy and Nutrition Campaigns (March 2009)
94/09 Audit Committee Quorum Members
93/09 BBC Radio Foyle Efficiency Savings
92/09 Viewing Video Content on RTÉ Online
91/09 The Lisbon Treaty Application of the Principle of Subsidiarity, November 2009 Update
90/09 Update on Pensioner Poverty
89/09 Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland
88/09 The Remit of Local Government in Tackling Homelessness
87/09 Sustainable Transport: Actions in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, England and Wales
86/09 The Estimated Penny Product, the Actual Penny Product and the Striking of the District Rate in Northern Ireland
85/09 Efficiency Savings
84/09 Public Procurement and SMEs - An Update
83/09 Comparable Issues From Library, Health And Education Bills
82/09 Relationships and Sexuality Education in the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum for Primary and Post-Primary Education
81/09 Biotechnology and Food
80/09 Procurement Partnerships and Social Housing
79/09 Policies to Minimise the Impact of Fuel Costs on Families with Low Incomes
78/09 Comparison of the Powers of the Auditor General with the Local Government Auditor
77/09 An Overview of Landlord and Tenancy Registration Schemes in the Private Rented Sector
76/09 Department of Justice Bill
75/09 The Northern Ireland Block Grant and Calls to Reform The Barnett Formula
74/09 River Basin Management
73/09 The Housing (Amendment) Bill
72/09 Examining the Case for a Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland
71/09 From a Shared Future to Cohesion, Sharing and Integration: Developments in Good Relations Policy
70/09 Betting and Gaming Law: The Relaxation of Sunday Restrictions in Northern Ireland and Other Jurisdictions
69/09 Voluntary Advice Services in Northern Ireland: An Overview of the 'Opening Doors' Strategy
68/09 Employing Ex-Offenders with Conflict-Related Convictions in Northern Ireland
67/09 The Attorney General for Ireland
66/09 The Attorney General for Northern Ireland, Director of Public Prosecutions and Accountability to the Assembly
65/09 The Attorney General for England and Wales
64/09 The Regulation of the Private Security Industry in Northern Ireland
63/09 Town Centre Regeneration: Social Development Committee Urban Regeneration Inquiry
62/09 Asset Recovery Agency: Proceeds of Crime
61/09 Liquor Licensing Reform in Northern Ireland
60/09 Religious Ethos in Schools in Scotland, England and Wales and the Republic of Ireland
59/09 Shared Equity Schemes
58/09 The Outworking of the Task Force Report on Resourcing the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland
57/09 Environmental Aspects of the UK Budget 2009
56/09 The Attorney General for Northern Ireland
55/09 Impact of Demographic Change and Boundary Changes on the Forthcoming General and Assembly Elections in Northern Ireland
54/09 Lough Foyle Ferry Service
53/09 The Integration of Social Issues in Public Procurement
52/09 Marine Energy
51/09 Withdrawn
50/09 The Private Rented Sector in Northern Ireland: Profile and Key Issues
49/09 The Barnett Formula
48/09 European Funding of the Arts and Culture
47/09 Sickness Absence in the Department for Regional Development
46/09 An Overview of the Welfare Reform Bill
45/09 Sports Related Employment
44/09 The Education Bill
43/09 Perinatal Mental Health Services in Scotland and the Main Features of the Current Mental Health Strategy in Scotland
42/09 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Services
41/09 Reform of Mental Health Legislation in the UK
40/09 Reducing Healthcare Acquired Infections - Good Practice Concerning C. Difficile Infections
39/09 Reducing Healthcare Acquired Infections - Good Practice Outside Northern Ireland
38/09 Smoke Alarms in Northern Ireland Homes (Update)
37/09 Smoke Alarms in Northern Ireland Homes
36/09 The Review of Public Administration
35/09 Funding for Social and Affordable Housing: The Potential Use of 'Prudential Borrowing' by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive
34/09 Comparative Information on the Procedures of Assembly Questions
33/09 Parliamentary Constituency Profiles
32/09 Neighbourhood Renewal in Other Jurisdictions: Potential Fact-Finding Visits
31/09 Rural Proofing and the Rural Champion
30/09 Energy Efficiency in Street Lighting
29/09 Comparative Information on All-Party Groups
28/09 Economic and Social Impacts Arising From Sports, Arts, Museums and Libraries
27/09 Business and the Arts
26/09 Economic Modelling of Value Impacts of DCAL Investment
25/09 Per Capita Spend on the Arts in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
24/09 Townland Names
23/09 Legislative Consent in the Northern Ireland Assembly and Other Legislatures
22/09 Hedging Strategies Adopted by Transport Operators
21/09 Reclassification of Northern Ireland water
20/09 The Lisbon Treaty and the Doha Development Agenda
19/09 Regulation and Control of Gambling
18/09 Neighbourhood Renewal in Scotland, England and Wales
17/09 Co-Option and The Human Rights Act 1998
16/09 Social Clauses and Valuing Social Impacts
15/09 Content of the Northern Ireland Executive's Response to the Northern Ireland Task Force
14/09 Update on the Seagen Project and Information on Similar Projects Around the World
13/09 Wind Power and Intermittency
12/09 National Assembly for Wales Broadcasting Committee
11/09 Scottish Broadcasting Commission
10/09 Republic of Ireland Broadcasting
09/09 OFCOM: Office of Communications
08/09 Children's Services Planning
07/09 EU Cross-Border Healthcare
06/09 Forestry in the Republic of Ireland
05/09 Comparisons of Educational Attainment
04/09 Diseases of Animals Bill
03/09 Social Clauses in Public Contracts
02/09 The Northern Ireland Taskforce Report
01/09 Republic of Ireland Broadcasting

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