Research Publications 2007

Synopsis: The Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service produces a number of Research publications. These cover a variety of topics of interest to Members, Committees and the general public. 2007 papers are published below.

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Number Title
01/07 Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2007
02/07 The Libraries Bill
03/07 Department for Social Development Policies Targeting Child and Older Citizen/Pensioner Poverty
04/07 Cost and Responsibility Sharing between Government and Industry for Animal Health
05/07 DHSSPS Draft Budget 2008-2011
06/07 Long Term Unemployment and Government Provision for Vulnerable Groups
07/07 Overview of skills Training Providers and Strategies
08/07 Long-Term Alternatives to Domestic Rates
09/07 ALPHA Nortestosterone
10/07 An International Comparison of Local Government Taxation
11/07 OECD Education Statistics, Educational Attainment and Problems Associated with NI Comparisons
12/07 SNP Proposal for Scottish Local Income Tax
13/07 The Artists Tax Exemption Ireland
14/07 The Social Impacts of Using Eastern EU Migrant Workers
15/07 Research and Development Best Practice in SME’s Sector
16/07 Inquiry into Credit Union Regulation, Services, Funding and Recommendations
17/07 Research and Development Best Practice in North East England, North West England and North Carolina
18/07 Implementation of Changes to Domestic Rates in Northern Ireland

The Impact Of Reducing The European Social Fund In Northern Ireland


The Role Of Unesco In The Designation Of World Heritage Sites, With Particular Reference To The Giant's Causeway

21/07 The Role of UNESCO in the Provision World Heritage Status

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