A snapshot of COVID-19 funding

This visualisation provides a series of interactive graphs compiled by the Assembly‚Äôs Research and Information Service (RaISe), which offer a snapshot of government funding allocated to address key challenges arising from the effects of the pandemic in Northern Ireland (NI). The series relies on available government data as of 28 September 2020; highlighting how that funding has or will be administered through a range of targeted initiatives introduced either centrally by Treasury or at devolved level by the Executive or its individual Departments. The intention is simply to present the relevant data using accessible formats; thereby aiming to support greater openness and transparency of those data, facilitating engagement with them. Ultimately, the series seeks to increase government accountability at both central and devolved levels, for their collective and individual responses to Covid and its many impacts. In future, RaISe will update the series in line with future issuance of government figures.  Please Note: An updated version of this is also available

To view the individual graphs, please use the arrows provided below.


This visualisation was first published on our Research Matters blog on 30th September 2020.