Minutes of proceedings 16 November 2021

Committee for Education

Committee for Education

Minutes of Proceedings

16 November 2021

Meeting Location: Teleconference

Present by Video or Teleconference:

Mr Chris Lyttle MLA (Chairperson)
Mr Pat Sheehan MLA (Deputy Chairperson)
Ms Nicola Brogan MLA
Mr Robbie Butler MLA
Mr Harry Harvey MLA
Mr Daniel McCrossan MLA
Mr Justin McNulty MLA
Mr Robin Newton MBE MLA
Ms Aoibhinn Treanor (Assembly Clerk)
Mr Mark McQuade (Assistant Clerk)
Mr Marcus Matthews (Clerical Supervisor)
Mr Craig Mealey (Clerical Officer)
Ms Niamh Devlin (Research Officer) (Item 2 only)
Ms Caroline Perry (Bill Clerk) (Item 3 only)


Mrs Diane Dodds MLA

The meeting commenced at 9:12am in public session.

1.  Apologies

Apologies as above.

2.    Integrated Education Bill - Oral briefing on Assembly Research and Information Service briefing paper

The Committee noted an Assembly Research and Information Service briefing paper and addendum.

The following witness joined the meeting by video conference at 9:12am:

Ms Niamh Devlin, Assembly Research and Information Service

The witnesses briefed the Committee on a research paper regarding the Integrated Education Bill.

The briefing was covered by Hansard.

Mr McNulty joined the meeting at 9:21am.

Agreed: The Committee agreed to move to closed session.

This was followed by a question and answer session.

The Chairperson thanked the witnesses for the briefing.

Mr Harvey left the meeting at 9:52am.

3.    Integrated Education Bill - Committee Informal Consideration of the Bill

Committee members discussed the clauses of the Integrated Education Bill.

4.    Date, Time and Place of the next meeting

The next formal Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 November 2021 by video conference at 9:30am. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:16am.

Chris Lyttle MLA
Chairperson, Committee for Education
24 November 2021