Research Papers 2014

Synopsis: Below you will find a list of Committee for Finance and Personnel research papers published during 2014.

Financial Transactions Capital

- Date: 24/10/2014 - Author: Pamela Dugdale

This Briefing Paper gives an overview of the Financial Transactions Capital scheme for funding infrastructure investment in Northern Ireland. It considers the relative advantages and disadvantages for Northern Ireland departments using this scheme and provides some general information on other infrastructure funding methods.


Internal Complaints and Disciplinary Processes

- Date: 23/10/2014 - Author: Fiona O’Connell and Ray McCaffrey

This paper provides a comparison of arrangements in other jurisdictions for dealing with internal conduct and disciplinary issues within the legal professions, including the level of oversight and independence which applies. It looks at such processes in England and Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.


Legal Complaints and Regulation: Follow Up Issues

- Date: 23/10/2014 - Author: Fiona O’Connell

This paper has been produced in response to issues raised by the Finance and Personnel Committee during a previous briefing on the Draft Legal Complaints and Regulation Bill.


Preventative Expenditure

- Date: 08/10/2014 - Author: Pamela Dugdale

This Research Paper presents key findings of research undertaken by the Research and Information Service (RaISe) for the Committee of Finance and Personnel (CFP), to identify Executive / Departmental initiatives in Northern Ireland relating to prevention and early intervention expenditure. For a comparative perspective, the Paper examines initiatives in other jurisdictions, to identify lessons learnt elsewhere, to help inform CFP‘s consideration of undertaking an inquiry in this area. This Paper supplements RaISe Research Paper 51/14, dated 8 May 2014.


In-year Reductions to Departmental Resource DEL: the October 14-15 Monitoring Round

- Date: 03/10/2014 - Author: Public Finance Scrutiny Unit

This Briefing Paper outlines relevant background information and presents two models the potential impact of ringfencing on the budgets of Northern Ireland departments if spending reductions are applied in the forthcoming October Monitoring Round.


In-year monitoring of public expenditure: an analysis of departmental bid documentation

- Date: 03/10/2014 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Research Paper examines the Northern Ireland Executive’s In-year Monitoring process for the control of public expenditure. It sets out the purpose and operation of the system. It also presents key results of an analysis undertaken by the Research and Information Service (RaISe) of the in-year bids by departments for additional resources.


Year-end surges in Northern Ireland departmental expenditure

- Date: 03/07/2014 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Research Paper presents a review of available evidence in relation to expenditure surges at the end of the fiscal year in the public sector. The Paper discusses some possible implications that may arise from such year-end surges, where they are not justified by business needs. It also presents analysis of Northern Ireland departmental data that confirms that year-end surges were a feature of public expenditure in Northern Ireland over the 2010-11 to 2012-13 period.


Rates reliefs for Amateur Sports Clubs: comparative information

- Date: 12/06/2014 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Briefing Paper presents details of reliefs from non-domestic rates for Community Amateur Sports Clubs in the United Kingdom. It also explains the rates exemption for land used for sporting activities in the Republic of Ireland.


Defamation and the Dead

- Date: 11/06/2014 - Author: Michael Potter

This Briefing Paper is written in the context of the consideration by the Committee for Finance and Personnel of a proposed Private Member’s Bill in relation to defamation. The paper supplements previous papers on this subject.


Comparative Research on Legal Complaints and Regulation

- Date: 04/06/2014 - Author: Fiona O’Connell

This paper examines the provisions in the draft Legal Complaints and Regulation Bill (Northern Ireland) 2013 and provides comparative information on legal complaints systems in England and Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.


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