Research Papers 2011

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Committee for Finance and Personnel research papers published during 2011.

Economic Briefing (November 2011)

- Date: 25/11/2011 - Author: Maureen O'Reilly

This paper summarises current economic conditions in Northern Ireland. It provides an overview of a range of economic indicators, including current growth projections, labour market and property market conditions, as well as the outlook for inflation / interest rates. Key data and messages are presented upfront in the Summary to provide an ‘at a glance’ synopsis of the NI economy.


Strategic Budget Review: further evidence

- Date: 24/11/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Briefing Note is in response to the Committee for Finance and Personnel’s request for further evidence in relation to the strategic budget review phase that was presented in Briefing Paper 103/11 Options for strategic budget stages. Information is presented on how the UK’s other devolved legislatures review the executions of the budgets that they approve. Additional international evidence is also provided.


The Executive's Review of the Financial Process in Northern Ireland: a critical analysis of DFP's Discussion Paper

- Date: 16/11/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Research Paper presents a critical review and evaluation of DFP's Discussion Paper in relation to its ongoing Review of Financial Process on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive. Particular attention is paid to the initial recommendations in the light of international best practice, recommendations made by the Committee for Finance and Personnel and previous research.


Budget System Laws: Principles and Good Practice

- Date: 26/09/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Briefing Paper follows on from Paper 62/11 which set out some recommendations for enhancing the Northern Ireland budget process. One of those recommendations – based upon international good practice – was that the future process should be enshrined in statute. One approach would be to produce a revised Budget System Law. The purpose of this Briefing Paper is to examine the good practice principles that should underpin such laws; to present an analysis of how current budgeting practice aligns with those principles; and, to assess whether certain aspects of budgeting are already covered by Northern Ireland statutory provisions.


Conduct and discipline in the civil service

- Date: 08/09/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Briefing Paper examines the disciplinary arrangements for civil servants in Northern Ireland and in other jurisdictions. It also considers lines of accountability between ministers, officials and the legislature, including rules for officials appearing before committees.


Economic Briefing: June 2011

- Date: 07/07/2011 - Author: Dr. Jodie Carson

This paper provides an overview of economic data and factors affecting the outlook for the NI/UK economies. Key data and messages are presented upfront to provide an ‘at a glance’ synopsis of economic conditions.


The Scotland Bill: a consideration of key issues relating to the devolution of income tax varying powers

- Date: 23/06/2011 - Author: Gareth Brown

This paper considers the economic debate regarding the proposals to devolve income tax varying powers to Scotland as proposed in the Scotland Bill 2010-11.


DFP's Review of Financial Process: considerations for improving the budget process

- Date: 22/06/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This paper seeks to draw together a number of recommendations made by the Committee for Finance and Personnel during the previous mandate of the Assembly with good practice guidance with a view to informing the present Committee's input to the Department of Finance and Personnel's Review of Financial Process.


Reducing the number of departments: possible savings

- Date: 14/06/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This Briefing Note considers the evidence relating to reorganisations of government departments. It draws Members’ attention to a number of issues that should be borne in mind when the case for a reduction or reorganisation is being considered. In particular, some good practice recommendations are highlighted.


Devolution of Corporation Tax

- Date: 01/06/2011 - Author: Colin Pidgeon

This paper presents a critical analysis of the UK Government’s consultation paper Rebalancing the Northern Ireland Economy and explores a number of issues related to the devolution of corporation tax powers to Northern Ireland. There is a particular focus on matters likely to be of interest to Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and especially to the Committee for Finance and Personnel.


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