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Carbon Reduction Committment

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Arlene Foster 
Minister of the Environment 
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20 May 2008

Dear Minister

Carbon Reduction Commitment

At its meeting on 15 May the Committee was briefed by Departmental officials on Carbon Reduction Commitment.

Members also considered the Consultation on Implementation Proposals for the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the Implementation Proposals for the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

The Committee heard that the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) will have a role to play in the scheme and members would like clarification on their role and would also like to know if extra resources will be made available to allow them to fulfil this function as EHS are already under staffed.

The Committee decided that it had broad support for the scheme and look forward to further briefings by officials as work progresses on the scheme.

Yours Sincerely

Patsy McGlone 
Chairperson – Committee for the Environment