APN: 391 – 17/22 All Party Group on Football

A meeting of the All-Party Group (APG) on football has been arranged to take place on Tuesday 18th May at 13.00 in a to-be-confirmed room at Parliament Buildings. Alternatively, there is also the option to join via Teams (through your Outlook account) if you’d prefer.

The main thrust of the meeting will be to tackle our annual AGM requirement. The AGM was originally scheduled for January 2021 but for various reasons was kicked down the road. We’re now deep into added time and are therefore keen to put this to bed and avoid penalties.

There will be catering, for those attending in person. Teas, coffees, biscuits, dainty sandwiches – nothing too mad.

All Members are welcome to attend – remember, there will be refreshments (as above).

An invite will be emailed separately to each APG member (and, on request, to any other MLAs who wish to attend) providing instruction on how to join the meeting.

For further information, to register, and to request the appropriate links and joining instructions for the remote option (if wanted), please contact Steven Gordon on 028 9332 9980 or david.hilditch@mla.niassembly.gov.uk