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Synopsis: The Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe) produces a number of Research publications each year. These cover a variety of topics which are of interest to Members, Committees and the general public.

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The Assembly @ 25

A paper looking at major milestones including political and legislative developments that have shaped the institution since 1998.


Brexit Outcomes and Northern Ireland: A Reading List (updated 30 March 2023)

The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, which is the part of the EU-UK withdrawal agreement, addresses the unique circumstances on the island of Ireland. The ‘Windsor Framework: A New Way Forward’, which was agreed in principle on 27 February 2023, amends the Protocol and includes a new procedure: the ‘Stormont Brake’.

When compiling this reading list, an attempt has been made to select commentary, analysis and media coverage which has particular relevance to the specific context of Northern Ireland. The list also includes strategically important documents, such as the published positions of the UK and Irish governments and the EU institutions.


Topical Digest - The Windsor Framework

This Topical Digest covers the recent publication of ‘The Windsor Framework: a new way forward’. This framework was agreed in principle by the UK Government and the European Union on 27 February 2023. The digest brings together a snapshot of some of the recent commentary and analysis of the framework with a particular focus on how these changes may affect the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol and future EU/UK relations.

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Brexit Outcomes and Northern Ireland: A Reading List (updated 03 February 2023) 

In the period between the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union in June 2016 and its formal departure on 31 January 2020, the Assembly’s Research and Information Service (RaISe) published 31 versions of ‘Brexit and Northern Ireland: A Reading List’. This was followed by 6 versions of ‘Brexit Transition and Northern Ireland: A Reading List’, the last appearing on 31 December 2020. This new reading list focuses specifically on the period following the departure of the UK from the EU – that is, the period from 1st January 2021. The list is intended to assist Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and others in scrutinising this new situation, and particularly the ways in which it affects Northern Ireland and the border.


* Please note: Date refers to the date on which the paper was published on the website.

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