Assembly Legislation

Current Bills

Senate Chamber

Click here for a list of all current bills passing through the Northern Ireland Assembly.

A list of Bills that have become Acts during the 2016-2021 Mandate can be found here.

Secondary Legislation

Statutory Rules

Statutory Rules are made to bring subordinate legislation law. Primary legislation (Acts) provides the powers to make subordinate legislation in the form of Statutory Rules (Regulations, Rules, Order and Bye-laws).

In general terms primary legislation provides the framework and subordinate legislation contains the details. As primary legislation takes up Assembly time, changes and amendments to the content of various legal measures can be made more quickly by the subordinate legislation process.

Current Proposals for Non-Executive Bills

Most primary legislation that passes through the Northern Ireland Assembly is brought forward by the relevant Minister. Bills can also be introduced by an individual Member or Assembly Committees.

Click here to learn more and see a list of current Non-Executive Bills that are in development.

Secondary Legislation

Examiner of Statutory Rules

The Examiner assists the Assembly and the appropriate Committees (that is, the Statutory Committees) in the technical scrutiny of statutory rules and draft statutory rules which are subject to procedures before the Assembly.

Learn more here.

To view reports from the 2011 - 2016 Mandate click here.

Watch how a Bill becomes a law

Do you know how many stages a Bill has to go before it becomes it becomes a law? Find out now by watching this clip from our new web programme - Assembly Extra.

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