The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission

Welcome to the home page of the Assembly Commission. Here you will find out further information regarding the membership and functions of the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission.

The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission was appointed by resolution of the Assembly on the 23 May 2011.

The Commission’s Legislative Base

The Northern Ireland Act 1998 states, "there shall be a body corporate known as the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission ("the Commission") to perform:

(a) the functions conferred on the Commission by virtue of any enactment; and
(b) any functions conferred on the Commission by resolution of the Assembly."

The Commission is the body corporate of the Northern Ireland Assembly. It has the responsibility, under section 40(4) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, to provide the Assembly, or ensure that the Assembly is provided with the property, staff and services required for the Assembly to carry out its work.

The Assembly Commission may delegate any of its functions to the Speaker or a member of staff of the Assembly and may determine its own procedures.

Latest Minutes

Annual Reports

Commission Membership

The Assembly Commission is chaired by the Speaker and consists of five other Assembly Members.

CHAIRPERSON, The Speaker : Mr Mitchel McLaughlin

Ms Paula Bradley DUP

Ms Caitríona Ruane SF

Mr Samuel Gardiner MBE UUP

Mrs Karen McKevitt SDLP

Mrs Judith Cochrane ALLIANCE

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