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Assembly Explained

Welcome to Assembly Explained!

Whether you're a curious citizen, a business owner, or someone who just can't get enough politics, this series is your insider guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly. Through engaging articles, informative videos, and insightful podcasts, we'll demystify the Assembly's workings, explore current hot topics and empower you to understand how the Assembly's decisions impact your daily life.


""A momentous week at Parliament Buildings

""Procedures and Protocols: Electing Key Roles in the Northern Ireland Assembly

Understanding D'Hondt Method: Its use in the Northern Ireland Assembly

Blurred image of the Assembly Chamber with a white frame around the image and white text that reads Holding Power to Account: The Opposition in the Northern Ireland Assembly

Video - The Assembly and the Executive

Jim Fitzpatrick explains what it is that sets the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Executive apart and how one holds the other to account.

Video - How the Speaker is Elected

In this video Dr. Gareth McGrath the Assembly's Director of Parliamentary Services outlines the process to elect a new Speaker and Deputy Speakers of the Northern Ireland Assembly

Video - How are the First and deputy First Ministers nominated

In this video Dr. Gareth McGrath, the Assembly's Director of Parliamentary Services, explains how the First and depty First Ministers are nominated and appointed.

The Assembly Podcast

Do you know the difference between the Assembly and Executive? What happens after an Assembly election? How a bill goes from idea to law? In our podcast we try to explain the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly and cover events in and around Parliament Buildings.

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