Research Papers 2016

Synopsis: Below you will find a list of research publications which have been prepared by the Research and Information Service for the Assembly and Executive Review Committee in 2016. The papers are listed in reverse chronological order.

Allocation of Ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive and Committee Chairpersons and deputy Chairpersons in the Northern Ireland Assembly 1998-2016

- Date: 23/02/2016

This briefing note contains information on the selection of Ministerial posts by political parties since the first Executive formed under the terms of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. It also provides tables outlining the allocation of Chairs and Deputy Chairs in each mandate since the first Assembly and places these alongside the relevant Minister.


Assembly Members (Reduction of Numbers) Bill 2016

- Date: 21/01/2016

This paper provides background to the legislation to reduce the number of members of the Assembly. It looks at how the Bill might impact on the ability of Assembly members to effectively carry out their parliamentary duties.