Complaints Policy Report 2018

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Section 1 - Background to the Complaints Policy

1.1 The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission (Assembly Commission), in common with other public and governmental bodies, provides a method for members of the public to make a complaint about Assembly Commission staff, services and/or perceived failures in complying with the Assembly Commission’s Equality Scheme.

1.2 The Complaints Policy was revised on 16 September 2016 after taking advice from the Northern Ireland Ombudsman (NIPSO).

1.3 The Complaints Policy, which is published on the Assembly website, lists the type of complaints that may be made. These are:

  • Our failure to provide a service;
  • Inadequate standard of service;
  • Assembly Commission policies; and
  • Treatment by or attitude of a member of Assembly Commission staff.

The Policy also makes clear the issues that will not be considered under it:

  • Decisions of the NI Assembly;
  • MLAs or their staff;
  • Executive Ministers;
  • Executive Departmental policy; or
  • The merits of decisions taken by the Assembly Commission acting within its legal powers.


Section 2 - Complaints received by the Northern Ireland Assembly

2.1 For the period September 2017 – September 2018 there has been one admissible complaint. The table below provides information on the complaint and its resolution.




Date Resolved


The complainant felt that the process for booking events discriminated against those MLAs designating as ‘Other’ in the way that cross community sponsorship was interpreted.

All procedures followed and completed.



Section 3 - Conclusion

3.1 The fact that only one admissible complaint was made during the year September 2017-September 2018 pays tribute to the efforts of the Assembly Commission to ensure that all its processes and procedures are designed and implemented in a fair and transparent manner.

3.2 The Assembly Commission continues to endeavour to provide appropriate services for the public and minimise the number of complaints.


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