The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission Corporate Strategy 2018 to 2023

Download the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission Corporate Strategy 2018 to 2023 (PDF) from this link.


This Corporate Strategy 2018-23 guides the direction of the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission (the Commission) and Secretariat in providing support, services and advice to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The strategy builds on the good work that has been undertaken by staff in recent years, often in challenging circumstances, and has been informed by a comprehensive process of staff engagement.

It does not seek to encapsulate all the activities and tasks that continue to be required to ensure the smooth operation of the Assembly and Parliament Buildings on a daily basis. Instead, the Corporate Strategy sets out an ambitious approach to the improvements and developments, which will be prioritised as the Commission supports the Assembly for the next five years.

The Strategy is influenced by four common elements:

  • People – every business area relies upon the commitment, skills and expertise of our people;
  • Culture – every business area is influenced by the principles which underpin the support of a legislature, including accountability and political sensitivity;
  • Engagement – every business area is impacted by the fact the Assembly is elected to represent the public; and
  • Services – every business area should continually seek better and more efficient ways to meet the needs of our customers while providing value for the public purse.

This Corporate Strategy outlines a package of aims and objectives, which captures the wide variety of interdependent roles and responsibilities of the Assembly Secretariat, and sets out how these can be progressed in the next five years. The Strategy establishes a framework and the detail of its implementation will be developed further through other activities.

The Corporate Strategy will assist the Commission in determining and allocating resources, whilst ensuring value for money, over the period of its operation.  Directorates, business areas and staff all have a role to play in planning and successfully implementing the activities, targets and timeframes necessary to deliver the strategy over the next five years.

This Corporate Strategy provides a platform to embrace the commitment and ambition of the Commission and Secretariat to support the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly and its Members for the benefit of the public they represent.

4 circles linked with arrows creatng a circular path. Each circle contain elements of the strategy as follows:  Investing in the development, expertise and well-being of our people.  Developing a confident legislature with a strong parliamentary culture   Building excellence and innovation in our services  Strengthening engagement with the public  Unde the circles:  Different Roles, Common goals. No matter our individual responsibilites as one team we will demonstrate:  Professionalism in everything we do.  Respect for each other, Members and the public.  Impartiality and integrity in all our work.  Delivering: High levels of satisfaction amond members, stakeholders and visitors.  Enhanced understanding of the role and work of the Assembly.  Skilled and motivated people.

Investing in the development, expertise and well-being of our people

  • Maximising the potential of our people through a longer-term focus on learning and development opportunities.
  • Focusing on the welfare of our people by supporting their health, well-being and resilience.
  • Developing and implementing a skills and behaviour framework, which meets the needs of the Assembly.
  • Creating opportunities to come together as one team and to recognise our achievements.


Developing a confident legislature with a strong parliamentary culture

  • Embedding the importance of our parliamentary context in all areas of the Secretariat’s work.
  • Developing the Assembly’s distinct purpose and identity by supporting its legislative, scrutiny and representative roles.
  • Creating solutions to improve the operation of the Assembly in response to constitutional and political change, or service and infrastructure requirements.
  • Investing in the continuing professional development of Assembly Members with a focus on parliamentary and scrutiny skills.
  • Designing Assembly specific models of legislative scrutiny and support based on relevant international best practice.


Building excellence and innovation in our services

  • Promoting innovation in our systems to improve services to our customers.
  • Ensuring our people have the support, policies and tools required to adapt to changing demands.
  • Driving improvement in our performance by monitoring key service standards and benchmarking against relevant comparators.
  • Ensuring high standards in equality, governance and regulatory compliance through effective and efficient processes.


Strengthening engagement with the public

  • Embedding the value of public engagement, openness and transparency across every area of the Secretariat’s work.
  • Developing new approaches to engagement, which enable the public to interact with the work of the Assembly.
  • Building connections with target groups including for example, support for greater female participation and the delivery of a Youth Assembly.
  • Modernising the communication of Assembly business and proceedings through investment in high quality broadcasting, digital technology and social media.
  • Improving the visitor experience in Parliament Buildings with a focus on customer service, public facilities and accessibility to Assembly business.

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