Local Primary Schools' Maths Results Among Best in the World, says Committee

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Date: 09 December 2020

Reference: 02/20/21

The Assembly’s Education Committee has welcomed the latest results of the ‘Trends in International Maths and Science Study’ (TIMSS) which shows local primary pupils outperforming most other participating European countries in mathematics. 

The Chairperson of the Assembly’s Committee for Education, Chris Lyttle MLA, said:

“Our primary school pupils, teaching staff and school leaders have shown once again that they are among the very best in the world when it comes to mathematics. The recent TIMSS study* indicates that clarity of lessons and pupil confidence is high, while the attainment gap between primary pupils of different genders appears to be narrowing.

“The TIMSS study found that Year 6 pupils’ performance in science was also good and in line with the average for other OECD countries. However, the Committee notes that studies of this kind appear to show that socio-economic differences between pupils can lead to larger than expected gaps in attainment.”

Mr Lyttle concluded:

“While these results are commendable, we do recognise that the link between socio-economic deprivation and under achievement still exists. We are hopeful that the ongoing review into this issue will take account of important studies, such as the TIMSS report and consider the commissioning of a further longitudinal analysis which would track the attainment of children as they progress from primary through to post-primary school.”  



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Committee Membership:

Chris Lyttle MLA (Chairperson)

Karen Mullan MLA (Deputy Chairperson)

Maurice Bradley MLA

Nicola Brogan MLA

Robbie Butler MLA

William Humphrey MLA

Daniel McCrossan MLA

Justin McNulty MLA

Robin Newton MBE MLA


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