Committee Expresses Concern Over Fish Kill in Annsborough River

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Date: 11 October 2016

Reference: AERA 04/16/17

The Assembly’s Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (AERA) has expressed its concern and disappointment that almost 2,000 fish have been killed in Annsborough River, County Down following a chemical leak from a nearby NI Water treatment plant.   

Committee Chairperson, Linda Dillon MLA, said: “This is the second serious fish kill in a matter of months and as a Committee we remain deeply concerned that not enough is being done to protect our local rivers and waterways. The Annsborough River is an important tributary for local anglers and this latest incident could have very damaging long term effects for fishing in the area as well as the future health of the river and the surrounding natural environment as a whole.

“While we welcome the fact that NI Water has taken responsibility and acted quickly to halt the discharge into the river and to initiate the clean-up operation; it is crucial that the necessary remedial measures and regular checks are put in place to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in the future.”

Ms Dillon concluded: “Ensuring the quality of our lakes and rivers is of paramount importance to all of us, and we are calling on the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to definitively identify how and why this particular spill took place. We are also asking that the Committee is kept fully informed with regards the outcome of NIEA’s investigation; and of all recommended procedures and processes to prevent future spills”.


Committee Membership.

Ms Linda Dillon MLA (Chairperson)

Ms Caoimhe Archibald MLA (Deputy Chairperson)

Mr Sydney Anderson MLA

Mr Maurice Bradley MLA

Mr David Ford MLA

Mr William Irwin MLA

Mr Patsy McGlone MLA 

Mr Harold McKee MLA

Mr Oliver McMullan MLA

Mr Edwin Poots MLA

Mr Robin Swann MLA

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