Order Paper

Date: 05 October 2021

The Assembly to sit at noon.

Indicative Timings for the Order of Business

Marshalled List of Amendments

1. Prayers

2. Members’ Statements

3. Public Petition

Opposition to a Proposed Badger Cull

Mr Alex Easton

4.Question Time

4.1 Infrastructure

5. Committee Business

Motion: Extension of Committee Stage - Integrated Education Bill (NIA Bill 23/17-22)


That, in accordance with Standing Order 33(4), the period referred to in Standing Order 33(2) be extended to 24 November 2021, in relation to the Committee Stage of the Integrated Education Bill.

Chairperson, Committee for Education

6. Private Members’ Business

Motion: Universal Credit Uplift


That this Assembly recognises the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased reliance on the welfare system; notes that the £20 Universal Credit uplift has provided a lifeline to many low-income families; registers serious concerns about the devastating impact that its proposed removal would have at this critical juncture in the recovery period; further recognises that the removal of £20 per week from thousands of families will push more people into poverty at a time when 1 in 4 children already live in poverty, increase reliance on food banks and increase homelessness, as well as having dire consequences for our local economy; and calls on the Minister for Communities, in the absence of action from the Westminster Government, to liaise with her Executive colleagues to retain this uplift for the remainder of this financial year, and to commit to expediting a long-term strategy to tackle the shameful levels of poverty and social deprivation across Northern Ireland, which remain among the highest in Europe.

Mr Mark Durkan
Mrs Dolores Kelly
Mr Colin McGrath
Mr Patsy McGlone

Motion: Bespoke Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards Agreement


That this Assembly supports a comprehensive and bespoke agreement between the European Union and the British Government to align sanitary and phytosanitary standards, with the aim of reducing checks and paperwork on goods being imported from Britain; recognises that this is the only realistic and practical way of reducing checks within the framework of existing international agreements; acknowledges that there is widespread support from businesses here for such an agreement; and calls on the European Union and the British Government to negotiate a bespoke agreement to align sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

Dr Caoimhe Archibald
Mr Declan McAleer
Ms Emma Sheerin
Ms Ciara Ferguson

7. Adjournment