Minutes of Proceedings

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Date: 13 February 2024

The Assembly met at 10.30am, the Speaker in the Chair.

1. Prayers

Members observed two minutes’ silence.

2. Members’ Statements

Under Standing Order 24A, the following Members made a statement to the Assembly;

Mr Pádraig Delargy
Mr Gary Middleton
Ms Sorcha Eastwood
Mr Tom Elliott
Mr Daniel McCrossan
Miss Órlaithí Flynn
Mr Harry Harvey
Mr Declan Kearney
Ms Kate Nicholl
Mr Gerry Carroll
Mr Colin McGrath
Mr Jim Allister

3. Assembly Business

3.1 Motion: Suspension of Standing Order 20(1)


That Standing Order 20(1) be suspended for Tuesday 13 February 2024.

Mrs Sinéad Ennis
Mr Trevor Clarke
Ms Paula Bradshaw
Mr John Stewart
Mr Colin McGrath

The Question being put, the motion was carried with cross-community support.

The Deputy Speaker, Dr Aiken, took the chair.

4. Private Members’ Business

4.1 Motion: Women's Health Strategy


That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Health, working with his Executive colleagues, to bring forward, as a priority, a fully-budgeted Women’s Health Strategy that supports women through every stage of their lives, and is focused on education and awareness raising, screening and earlier diagnosis, and support services and care pathways; and further calls on the Minister and his Executive colleagues to include in this strategy a menopause clinic, earlier gynaecological cancer screening, a framework of support relating to fertility, birth control, pregnancy, baby loss and post-natal healthcare, an emphasis on menstrual health including long-term specialist support for endometriosis, and plans to tackle health inequalities experienced by women from different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Ms Kellie Armstrong
Miss Nuala McAllister
Ms Sian Mulholland
Ms Kate Nicholl



Insert after ‘healthcare,’:

‘a reduction of the gender gap in cardiovascular outcomes,’

Mrs Linda Dillon
Ms Liz Kimmins

Debate ensued.

The Question being put, the amendment was made.

The Question being put, the motion as amended was carried.

The Speaker took the chair.

4.2 Motion: Lough Neagh Rescue Plan


That this Assembly recognises the vital importance of Lough Neagh to our environment, ecology and drinking water supply; further recognises its importance to tourism, fishing and leisure activities in local communities surrounding the Lough; notes with grave concern the ecological damage caused by the blue-green algae bloom last summer that choked the Lough and spread throughout our waterways and beaches; calls for a cross-departmental body to be set up to address the immediate issues facing Lough Neagh; and further calls on the Executive to put in place a new management structure and plan to include input from communities and organisations with an interest in the welfare of the Lough, so that it can be managed, protected and promoted in the interest of all.

Mr Philip McGuigan
Mrs Linda Dillon
Mr Declan Kearney



Insert after ‘cross-departmental body’:

‘, to include relevant non-governmental organisations,’

Mr John Blair
Mr David Honeyford
Mr Eóin Tennyson
Ms Sorcha Eastwood
Mr Peter McReynolds
Ms Sian Mulholland

Debate ensued.

The sitting was suspended at 12.57 pm.

The sitting resumed at 2.00pm, the Speaker in the chair.

5. Private Members’ Business (cont’d)

5.1 Motion: Lough Neagh Rescue Plan (cont’d)

Debate resumed.

The Question being put, the amendment was made.

The Question being put, the motion as amended was carried.

The Deputy Speaker, Mr Blair, took the chair.

6. Adjournment


That the Assembly do now adjourn.

The Speaker

Ms Emma Sheerin spoke to her topic regarding Domiciliary Care Packages in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

The Assembly adjourned at 4.21pm.

Mr Edwin Poots
The Speaker
13 February 2024

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