Budget Bill 2022

Bill Number: Bill 55/17-22

Bill Type: Executive

Bill Sponsor: Minister of Finance

The Budget Bill is:

A Bill to authorise the issue out of the Consolidated Fund of certain sums for the service of the years ending 31 March 2022 and 2023; to appropriate those sums for specified purposes; to authorise the use for the public service of certain resources for those years; to revise the limits on the use of certain accruing resources in the year ending 31 March 2022; and to authorise the Department of Finance to borrow on the credit of the sum appropriated for the year ending 31 March 2023.

Stages of a Bill

Bill StageDate Completed / StatusAll Associated documents and links
Stage 1First Stage 22 February 2022

Bill as Introduced (HTM) (PDF)
Explanatory & Financial Memorandum (HTM) (PDF)

Official Report - 22 February 2022

Stage 2Second Stage 23 February 2022 Official Report - 23 February 2022
Committee StageCommittee Stage  N/A  
Consideration StageConsideration Stage 28 February 2022 Official Report - 28 February 2022
Further Consideration StageFurther Consideration Stage 7 March 2022 

Notice of Amendments - 2 March 2022

Official Report - 7 March 2022

Final StageFinal Stage 8 March 2022  Official Report - 8 March 2022
Royal AssentRoyal Assent 24 March 2022 Budget Act (Northern Ireland) 2022