Committee for the Economy: 2022 - 2027 Mandate

2024 Research Papers

Below you will find details of Research Publications which have been prepared by the Assembly's Research and Information Service (RaISe) for the Committee for the Economy in 2024.


Economic inactivity, key employment barriers and childcare costs potentially impacting those barriers: initial considerations for Northern Ireland

- Date: 24/05/2024

This Briefing Paper has been prepared for the Committee for the Economy, to provide an overview of Northern Ireland’s economic inactivity and barriers to employment, including the potential impact of childcare costs on those barriers. The Paper draws on available sources (governmental, inter-governmental, academic and other) and identifies initial considerations arising from them.


Government data reporting on self-employment trends from 2019–2024

- Date: 24/05/2024

This Briefing Paper, prepared at the request of the Committee for the Economy, examines trends in official statistics of individuals classifying as self-employed from 2019 to 2024.


Artificial Intelligence Regulation, Use and Innovation in the United Kingdom: a broad overview

- Date: 10/05/2024

This Briefing Paper, requested by the Committee for the Economy, provides a broad overview of AI (Artificial Intelligence) regulation, use and innovation in the United Kingdom, to inform the Committee’s initial consideration of this area. Included are regulatory frameworks at United Kingdom and Northern Ireland governmental levels, with a comparative look at the European Union’s and the United States of America’s regulatory approaches. The paper outlines AI deployment in public sector. Where available, the Paper highlights governmental data reporting on key potential economic impacts of AI deployment.


Support for Unpaid Carers in Northern Ireland: a preliminary consideration

- Date: 19/04/2024

This Briefing Paper, prepared for the Committee for the Economy, identifies a number of key issues in relation to support for unpaid carers in Northern Ireland.


Northern Ireland external trade in goods and services - 2013-22 governmental data

- Date: 18/04/2024

This Briefing Paper highlights key governmental data reporting on Northern Ireland’s external trade, taking a specific look at the value and share of that trade in key markets, disaggregated by industry.


Northern Ireland economic overview

- Date: 06/03/2024

This Briefing Paper has been prepared for the incoming Committee for the Economy, to provide an overview of the Northern Ireland economy as of early March 2024. Drawing on the most recent available data, it looks at areas in which Northern Ireland’s economy is performing well and highlights some challenges facing it.


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