Research Papers 2013

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Committee on Procedures research papers published during 2013.

Speaking rights of Attorneys General/Law Officers in legislatures

- Date: 26/02/2013 - Author: Ray McCaffrey

This paper outlines precedent and processes used in other legislatures where the Attorney General/Law Officer is required to speak in plenary in respect of guidance s/he has issued.


Reintroduction of fallen or rejected Bills

- Date: 31/01/2013

This briefing paper has been prepared for the Committee on Procedures following its meeting on 27 November 2012. At that meeting, Members had considered a letter from the Speaker of the Assembly in relation to Standing Order 32(2) which relates to reasoned amendments to Bills. The letter asked the Committee to consider whether Standing Orders should be amended to state a period during which a Bill rejected at Second Stage cannot be reintroduced. The Committee asked that research be carried out into practice in other legislatures.