Research Papers 2012

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Social Development Committee research papers published during 2012.

Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry: The Implementation of Universal Credit

- Date: 11/10/2012

On 17 July 2012, the Westminster Work and Pensions Committee announced that it was launching an inquiry to review the progress being made towards the implementation of Universal Credit and to examine the implementation process, the proposed entitlement conditions and the future operation of the benefit. This paper provides a summary of some of the main issues raised by welfare groups and other organisations in their submissions to the Work and Pensions Committee.


Poverty and Social Deprivation: Mapping Executive and Departmental Strategies, Policies and Programmes in Northern Ireland

- Date: 05/10/2012

This paper was commissioned by the Committee for Social Development to identify Executive and Departmental strategies, policies and programmes that are of relevance to the issues of poverty and deprivation; it also provides information their associated working groups. This mapping exercise is the first stage of the Committee’s potential investigation into the extent and nature of cross-departmental co-operation between the Department for Social Development and other Departments in relation to poverty and social deprivation. The exercise has identified over 90 strategies that are of high relevance to tackling the issues of poverty and social deprivation.


A Guide to the Welfare Reform Bill

- Date: 03/10/2012

The Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland was introduced to the Assembly by the Minister for Social Development on 1 October 2012. This Guide is intended to assist Members in their scrutiny of the Bill by providing links to key papers and information on welfare reform.


Charities Bill

- Date: 04/09/2012

This paper provides an overview of the Charities Bill introduced to the Assembly on 2 July 2012. The primary purpose of the Bill is to amend the ‘public benefit’ provision set out in section 3 of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008. This paper briefly explores the ‘public benefit’ test issue and the rationale behind the amendment. The paper also outlines key developments in charity law in Northern Ireland and examines the remit and activities of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.


Business Improvement Districts Bill

- Date: 31/08/2012

This paper provides an overview of Business Improvement Districts and the Business Improvement Districts Bill for Northern Ireland. The paper explores the definition of BIDs; the advantages of the BID model; international and national examples of successful BIDs; the types of activities and projects carried out by BIDs; funding of BIDs including the BID levy and funding from other sources; the drivers and barriers to successful BID development; factors contributing to the need for BIDs in Northern Ireland; and the future outlook for the BID model. The paper also provides a brief summary of the Northern Ireland BID Bill and highlights some of the key issues that may arise during the consideration of the Bill.


Landlord Registration

- Date: 31/05/2012

The Committee for Social Development will soon consider draft regulations for a Northern Ireland Landlord Registration Scheme. Scotland is currently the only other jurisdiction with the UK to operate a widespread mandatory landlord registration scheme. The purpose of this paper is to provide the Committee with information on the Scottish Landlord Registration scheme and the potential lessons that can be adopted for a Northern Ireland Scheme. The paper also provides a brief overview of schemes in other jurisdictions.