Committee Membership

Committee Chairperson - Mr Mike Nesbitt

Deputy Chairperson - Mr Chris Lyttle

Membership (11)

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Mr Paul Frew 8,21
North Antrim
Mr David McIlveen 15
North Antrim
Mr Stephen Moutray 7
Upper Bann
Mr Gordon Lyons 4,9,13,22
East Antrim

Sinn Féin

Ms Megan Fearon 5
Newry and Armagh
Mr Alex Maskey
South Belfast
Mr Chris Hazzard 19
South Down

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)



Mr Andy Allen3,10,11,12,16,17,18,20

East Belfast

Mr Mike Nesbitt (Chairperson) 1,2

Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Mr Alex Attwood 14
West Belfast

Alliance Party

Mr Chris Lyttle (Deputy Chairperson)
East Belfast

1 With effect from 26 September 2011 Mr Mike Nesbitt replaced Ms Sandra Overend

2 With effect from 17 April 2012 Mr Mike Nesbitt replaced Mr Tom Elliott as Chairperson

3 With effect from 23 April 2012 Mr Danny Kinahan was appointed to the committee

4 With effect from 21 May 2012 Mr Tom Buchanan replaced Mr Jimmy Spratt

5 With effect from 10 September 2012 Ms Megan Fearon replaced Mr Francie Molloy

6 With effect from 10 September 2012 Ms Bronwyn McGahan replaced Ms Caitriona Ruane

7 With effect from 01 October 2012 Mr Stephen Moutray replaced Mr William Humphrey

8 With effect from 01 October 2012 Mrs Brenda Hale replaced Mr Trevor Clarke

9 With effect from 01 October 2012 Mr Paul Givan replaced Mr Tom Buchanan

10 With effect from 15 October 2012 Mr John McCallister replaced Mr Danny Kinahan

11 With effect from 25 February 2013 Mr Robin Swann replaced Mr John McCallister

12 With effect from 11 March 2013 Mr Leslie Cree replaced Mr Robin Swann

13 With effect from 15 April 2013 Mr Jimmy Spratt replaced Mr Paul Givan

14 With effect from 07 October 2013 Mr Alex Attwood replaced Mr Colum Eastwood

15 With effect from 06 October 2014 Mr David McIlveen replaced Mr George Robinson

16 With effect from 06 October 2014 Mr Roy Beggs replaced Mr Leslie Cree

17 With effect from 13 October 2014 Mr Michael Copeland replaced Mr Roy Beggs

18 With effect from 31 August 2015 Mr Michael Copeland resigned as a Member; his replacement has not been announced yet

19   With effect from 14 September 2015 Mr Chris Hazzard replaced Ms Bronwyn McGahan

20 With effect from 28 September 2015, Mr Andy Allen was apponted to the Committee

21 With effect from 5 October 2015, Mr Paul Frew replaced Mrs Brenda Hale

22 With effect from 5 October 2015, Mr Gordon Lyons was appointed to the Committee