Research Papers 2013

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Environment Committee research papers published during 2013.


- Date: 10/12/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave and Anne Campbell

This paper paper was requested by the Environment Committee during its consideration of a wind inquiry. It is supplementary to the research paper “Wind Turbines: Planning and Separation Distances” and should be read in conjunction with it.


Climate Change Legislation and Targets

- Date: 15/11/2013 - Author: DOE

This paper is in response to a request from the Environment Committee and gives an overview of legislation containing climate change targets in other jurisdictions throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. It gives a brief account of current commitments throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland and considers in more detail the legislative targets in other countries.


Wind Turbines: Planning and Separation Distances

- Date: 29/10/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

The following paper is in response to a request from the Environment Committee. It gives a summary of the planning process for wind development and considers Planning Policy and Guidance in Northern Ireland in relation to separation distances of turbines from residential areas. It also gives an account of the situation in the rest of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Finally it gives examples worldwide where separation distances are more of an actual requirement.


Local Government Audit in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

- Date: 03/10/2013 - Author: Michael Scholes

This briefing is prepared for the Committee for the Environment. It seeks to facilitate the committee’s consideration of local government auditors in the United Kingdom devolved administrations, providing comparisons of their roles and responsibilities.


Local Government Bill

- Date: 02/10/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

This paper gives a brief overview of the Local Government Bill as introduced to the Assembly on the 23rd of September 2013. It describes similar legislation in other jurisdictions and highlights potential areas for further consideration.


Community Planning

- Date: 01/10/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

This paper is in response to a request from the Environment Committee in relation to community planning and examples. It looks at the different definitions afforded to the term of community planning throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and gives an overview of the legislative framework in these areas. Examples of community planning in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are explored, and where information is available, it gives the outcomes of the process and findings from any reviews conducted both at a local and national scale.


Severance Scheme: Republic of Ireland

- Date: 30/09/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

In the Republic of Ireland, the severance scheme is called a retirement gratuity. It was introduced in 2002 based on service from 2000; however there was an ex-gratia payment payable for a maximum of 20 years’ service prior to 2000. In response to a request from the Environment Committee, this paper gives details on both schemes.


Councillor Remuneration

- Date: 30/09/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

This paper is in response to a request from the Environment Committee and gives details on the remuneration schemes for councillors in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Comparison of the planning systems in the four UK countries

- Date: 19/06/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave RaISe, Alan Rehfisch SPICe, Louise Smith HoC Library & Graham Winter NAW Research Service

This paper describes and compares the current land use planning systems operating in the four UK countries. In particular given the changes introduced by the UK Government that affect the system in England, it compares the extent to which similar changes have so far been made in other parts of the UK. It also describes future changes for each country that are in the pipeline.


Carrier Bags Bill (2013)

- Date: 12/06/2013 - Author: Suzie Cave

The following paper gives an overview of the Carrier Bags Bill as introduced to the Assembly on the 3rd June 2013. It considers the steps used to increase the Carrier Bags levy to 5 pence and extend it to cover low cost reusable bags. It also gives a summary of other bag levies and bans used in other countries.


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