Inquiry into Inclusion in the Arts of Working Class Communities

The Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure is undertaking an inquiry into Inclusion in the Arts of Working Class Communities.

Research carried out on behalf of the Committee examined the degree of social inclusion in the arts in Northern Ireland, including engagement in areas of high deprivation. The research found that evidence is mixed regarding attendance at the arts of people coming from disadvantaged communities. 

The Committee believes that this issue requires further examination and has agreed to carry out an inquiry looking specifically at inclusion in the arts of working class communities. 

The purpose of the inquiry is to examine the accessibility and outreach activity of arts venues and bodies. The inquiry will further seek to establish the impact of these on the inclusion in the arts of working class communities. Overall, the aim of the inquiry is to pinpoint and understand barriers to inclusion in the arts faced by members of working class communities and to make recommendations as to how these might be overcome.

Any organisation or individual with an interest in this inquiry is invited to submit written evidence to inform the Committee’s position on the issues set out in the Terms of Reference. If possible, submissions should be sent electronically by emailing the Committee Clerk at:

Any queries should be directed to the Clerk, Peter Hall, using the above email address or telephone 028 9052 1718.