Lesley Emerson, Professor Laura Lundy, Dr Katrina Lloyd and Dr Karen Orr (QUB)

Legal needs of children and young people in Northern Ireland

Research was carried out on behalf of the Department of Justice to explore the need for legal services for children and young people (CYP) in Northern Ireland (NI). Interviews were carried out with key stakeholders with direct experience of the legal needs of CYP, a wide range of focus groups with CYP and an online survey of post-primary school pupils to ascertain their knowledge and understanding of their legal rights and needs. This mixed-method approach facilitated the provision of in-depth information on the legal needs and legal remedies for CYP as well as quantitative data about legal needs from a large number of CYP across NI. A key feature of the methodology used is that it draws on a children’s rights-based approach developed within the Centre for Children’s Rights at QUB, which ensures that the perspectives of CYP are foregrounded throughout the research process. This presentation will discuss the findings from the research.  [Policy Briefing] [Presentation]