Dr Denise O’Hagan, (QUB) - Findings from the Registry of Self Harm for Northern Ireland

A National Registry of Self-Harm has been operating in the Republic of Ireland since 2002. Under the Northern Ireland (NI) Suicide Strategy a Registry of Self Harm was piloted in the Western Health & Social Care (HSC) Trust area from 2007. The Registry was then implemented across all five HSC Trusts from April 2012. This work is led by the Public Health Agency, in partnership with Trusts and the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF), Cork.

The purpose of collecting data for the Registry is to: (i) assess the impact of self-harm and suicidal ideation on health and social care services; (ii) inform service design and provision in respect of self-harm and suicidal ideation; (iii) inform policy development in terms of mental health promotion and suicide prevention; and, (iv) inform local communities and other key stakeholders of incidence levels.

The presentation delivers key findings from the annual report for 2013-14, looking at NI-wide data and comparisons with other countries to highlight differences, such as high levels of alcohol involvement and high rates of drug over-dose in NI. It also presents key findings from the Western Trust area since its inception in 2007. [Policy Briefing] [Presentation]

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