Order Paper

Reference: OP 26/22-27

Date: 23 April 2024

1. Prayers

2. Members’ Statements

3. Public Petition

Commission Adult ADHD services in Northern Ireland

             Mr Peter McReynolds

4. Executive Committee Business

Consideration Stage: Hospital Parking Charges Bill (NIA Bill 02/22-27)

Minister of Health


5. Question Time

5.1 Communities

6. Private Members’ Business

Motion: Addiction and Drug-related Deaths


That this Assembly notes with concern NISRA's 2024 report on Drug-Related and Drug Misuse Deaths, which found a significant increase in the number of deaths attributed to drugs and alcohol; further notes the intrinsic connection between social deprivation, poverty, isolation, mental health and addiction issues; acknowledges with concern the NISRA figures which show that drug related deaths are highest among 25-34 year olds, are five and a half times more likely in areas of highest deprivation and that opioids are consistently the most common form of drug listed as cause of deaths; and calls on the Minister of Health, in co-operation with the Executive Ministerial Committee for Public Health, to urgently implement the provisions aimed at harm prevention, harm reduction and tackling addiction within the Substance Use Strategy 2021-31, including developing plans for a new residential rehabilitation unit in Belfast.

Miss Órlaithí Flynn
Ms Liz Kimmins
Mrs Linda Dillon

Motion: Increasing the Number of Foster Carers


That this Assembly commends the vital contribution of foster carers throughout Northern Ireland; believes that the provision of a safe, loving and nurturing home can transform the lives of children and young people in care, helping them to reach their full potential; is deeply alarmed that whilst the number of children and young people in care in Northern Ireland is at its highest level since 1995, there are fewer people willing to foster; expresses regret at the finding of a poll commissioned by Barnardo’s Northern Ireland indicating that just 2 per cent of respondents in Northern Ireland would consider fostering a child in the next five years; stresses the need to address the many misconceptions about fostering; reiterates the fact that fostering can be a hugely beneficial experience for the entire family, including birth children; stresses the importance of providing greater financial support for foster/kinship foster carers in order to cover the costs of caring for children and young people; and calls on the Minister of Health to launch a new, ambitious and fully resourced recruitment programme.

Mrs Diane Dodds
Mr Alan Robinson
Mrs Deborah Erskine


7. Adjournment

  • Maze/Long Kesh Redevelopment and Investment

Ms Sorcha Eastwood 

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