Order Paper

Reference: OP 294/11-16

Date: 21 September 2015

2. Assembly Business

Appointment of a Minister for Regional Development

3. Executive Committee Business

Second Stage: Housing (Amendment) Bill (NIA Bill 58/11-16)

Minister for Social Development

Second Stage: Houses in Multiple Occupation Bill (NIA Bill 60/11-16)

Minister for Social Development

4. Question Time

4.1 Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister

4.1.1 Topical Questions

4.2 Enterprise, Trade and Investment

4.2.1 Topical Questions

5. Committee Business

Motion: Extension of Committee Stage: Health and Social Care (Control of Data Processing) Bill (NIA Bill 52/11-16)


That, in accordance with Standing Order 33(4), the period referred to in Standing Order 33(2) be extended to 20 November 2015, in relation to the Committee Stage of the Health and Social Care (Control of Data Processing) Bill (NIA Bill 52/11-16).

Chairperson, Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety

6. Private Members’ Business

Motion: Crisis in the Agriculture Industry


That this Assembly notes with concern the crisis facing all sectors of agriculture across Northern Ireland; recognises the need to deliver significant change in the short term and into the future; and calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to do more for the industry by ensuring basic payments are issued to farmers in early December 2015, lobbying the EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, to raise dairy intervention prices as a matter of urgency and bringing forward a wider strategy to deal with the immediate challenges facing the industry.

Mr W Irwin
Mr T Buchanan
Mr E Poots
Mr S Anderson

7. Adjournment