Letter to MLAs on Tributes to HM Queen Elizabeth

9 September 2022

SP272_22 Lt to All Members re Tributes to Queen Elizabeth.pdf (42.98 kb)

Dear Member

Tributes to HM Queen Elizabeth

The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is rightly recognised as an historic global event and it is important that Assembly Members should meet in the Assembly Chamber at the earliest opportunity to express their condolences in recognition of a long life given to public service.

I will gather Members in the Assembly Chamber at 12.30pm on Monday 12th September 2022 for tributes to be paid. Following the tributes, and taking account of what is happening in other legislatures, I will then open a book of condolences for Assembly Members and building users to sign in the Great Hall. In keeping with the wishes of the Royal Household, the Assembly will retain the signed book of condolences for its own record.

You will have been informed earlier that the Assembly Commission has followed the other legislatures in closing Parliament Buildings to the public during the period of mourning. A link to the official online books of condolences will be posted on the Assembly website.

Members may also wish to note that in all of the other legislatures, it has been agreed that written questions will not be tabled during the period of official mourning.

I am meeting the party whips at 5pm for the arrangements for the expression of condolences to be agreed. After this, an All Party Notice will issue to Members.

Yours sincerely

Alex Masey (Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly)