Letter from The Speaker to all Members regarding an earlier meeting of the Assembly under Standing Order 11

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To: All Assembly Members

10 February 2023

Having received a valid notice from 30 Members, in accordance with Standing Order 11, that the Assembly should meet at a date earlier than that to which it stood adjourned, the Assembly is hereby summoned to meet on Tuesday 14 February 2023 at 12pm.

The purpose for which the Assembly has been summoned is to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speakers and to debate the following motion:

“That this Assembly calls for the commencement of section 1 of the Organ and Tissue Donation (Deemed Consent) Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.”

I will be meeting with Party Whips at 11:00am on Monday 13 February to discuss the arrangements for the debate.

I remind Members that only the business submitted on the notice can be dealt with at this recall and if the Assembly is unable to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speakers, it cannot proceed to debate the motion.

Yours sincerely,