Marshalled List of Amendments

9 May 2024

Item 4: Order Paper 30/22-27 – Monday 13 May 2024

Motion: Programme for Government


That this Assembly notes that the devolved institutions have now been restored for 100 days; recognises the challenging financial situation facing the Executive; acknowledges the need for an improved fiscal framework that recognises the underfunding of public services in Northern Ireland; further notes that the parties now in the Executive engaged with the Northern Ireland Civil Service on Programme for Government commitments for a sustained period prior to the restoration of devolved government; regrets that the Executive has yet to confirm a date for the publication of a Programme for Government in its first 100 days in office; and calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to commit to publishing a Programme for Government, or a summary of key planned Programme for Government outcomes, before the Assembly summer recess.

Leader of the Opposition

Amendment 1

Leave out from ‘regrets’ to ‘office’ and insert:

‘further recognises that there is Executive agreement on priorities, including childcare, reducing hospital waiting lists, tackling violence against women and girls, Special Educational Needs, housing, developing a globally competitive economy, and Reform and Transformation of public services’

[Mr Brian Kingston]

[Mr Harry Harvey]


Motion: Independent Environmental Protection Agency


That this Assembly declares an ecological and biodiversity crisis; acknowledges the complex characteristics of biodiversity and ecological breakdown in Lough Neagh which includes high concentrations of phosphates and nitrates from agricultural runoff, the durability of the waste water infrastructure, the impact of invasive species and the catalyst of higher temperatures caused by the climate crisis; notes the resolution of this Assembly to address management of the Lough; and calls on the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to address the ecological crisis by bringing forward legislation to establish an Independent Environmental Protection Agency by the end of this Assembly mandate.

Leader of the Opposition


Amendment 1

After ‘bringing forward’ insert:

 ‘a review of environmental governance, including potential’

[Mr Tom Elliott]

[Mr Doug Beattie]

[Mr Robbie Butler]

Motion: Devolution of VAT for Hospitality


That this Assembly recognises the pressures facing hospitality and tourism businesses across Northern Ireland; notes the impact of additional rates bills on top of energy and other cost increases; further notes the impact of inflation caused by the chaotic fiscal interventions of successive Conservative Party governments; notes the vital importance of tourism and hospitality businesses to local economic development; and calls on the Minister of Finance and the Minister for the Economy to bring forward a package of costed interventions to support the sector, including options for the devolution of VAT for hospitality to fortify this important sector and create the conditions for jobs growth.

Leader of the Opposition

Amendment 1

After ‘devolution of VAT for hospitality’ insert:

', and an independent review of non-domestic rate reliefs'

[Mr Eóin Tennyson]

[Mr David Honeyford]

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