Marshalled List of Amendments - 29 April 2013

 25 April 2013

Private Members’ Business – Motions

Item 3: Order Paper 133/11-15  29 April  2013

Motion: 400 Year Historical Legacy

That this Assembly recognises the significant historical legacy that the last 400 years have given to Northern Ireland and in particular to Londonderry and the North West Region, with the 400th anniversary of the building of the City Walls, and the granting of charters in 1613 for the City of Londonderry and the town of Limavady; and hopes that there will be significantly increased tourism and additional employment opportunities resulting from a spectacular and momentous year.

[Mr G Campbell]
[Mr G Robinson]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate:

Amendment 2

Proposed:  Leave out ‘town of Limavady’ and substitute:

‘towns of Coleraine and Limavady’

[Mr D McClarty]

Motion: Marriage Equality at the Constitutional Convention

That this Assembly recognises the importance of the Constitutional Convention; notes the participation of parties from the Assembly; welcomes the 79 per cent majority vote at the Constitutional Convention in favour of marriage equality; and calls on the Executive to bring forward the necessary legislation to allow for same sex marriage.

[Ms C Ruane]
[Ms B McGahan]
[Mr B McElduff]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate:

Amendment 2

Proposed: Leave out all after ‘equality;’ and insert:

‘states its support for the extension of civil marriage provisions in Northern Ireland to same sex couples, provided that robust legislative measures permit faith groups to define, articulate and practise religious marriage as they determine; and calls for respectful dialogue on this issue between all members of society.’

[Mr D Ford]
[Mr S Dickson]
[Mr S Farry]
[Mr C Lyttle]