Marshalled List of Amendments

Monday 26 November 2021

22 April 2021

Private Members’ Business


Item 5: Order Paper 91/17-22 – Monday 26 April 2021

Private Members’ Business

Motion: Academic Selection and the Transfer Test


That this Assembly notes the recent publication of Ulster University's Transforming Education Research Paper on Academic Selection and the Transfer Test; further notes that this is yet another report which outlines the psychological harm that academic selection causes to children; acknowledges the finding within the report that there is little evidence that social mobility is increased by academic selection; agrees with the conclusion articulated in the report that the current arrangements for school transfer at age 11 are damaging the life-chances of a large proportion of the school population; and calls on the Minister of Education to act in the interests of children and the wider education system by ending the use of academic selection as a means of determining post-primary transfer.

[Mr Pat Sheehan]
[Ms Nicola Brogan]
[Mr John O’Dowd]


The Speaker has selected the following Amendment for debate:

Amendment 1

Leave out all after ‘school population;’ and insert:

“further notes that the right to use academic selection is currently enshrined in law; and calls on the Minister of Education to give notice that he will repeal this legal provision by 2023 and replace it with a system that has the widest support and prioritises educational excellence for all without academic selection.”

[Mr Daniel McCrossan]
[Mr Justin McNulty]
[Mr Matthew O’Toole]