Marshalled List of Amendments - 18 April 2024

Item 6: Order Paper 25/22-27 – Monday 22 April 2024

Motion: Ramming of Police Vehicles in South Armagh


That this Assembly condemns those who resort to ramming police vehicles in an attempt to evade criminal enforcement action, including arrest; believes it is reprehensible that seventy seven PSNI officers were injured as a result of their vehicles being deliberately rammed in 2023; notes with concern that this was a 50 per cent increase on 2022; highlights that the spate of such attacks in South Armagh has coincided with far-reaching and politically-motivated policing reforms in the area; stresses the need to assess the impact of the roll-out of additional non-armoured and liveried vehicles in Slieve Gullion on local crime trends; further notes the impact ramming incidents have on operational policing resources, including through sickness absence and rising repair bills; and calls on the Minister of Justice to consider stronger custodial sentencing for those who weaponise their vehicles to attack police officers; and further calls on the Minister of Justice to prioritise a visible and effective police service by bringing forward a fair and ambitious budget settlement for the PSNI in the next financial year. 

[Mr Trevor Clarke]

[Mr Keith Buchanan]

[Ms Cheryl Brownlee]

[Mr William Irwin]

Amendment 1

Leave out:

‘highlights that the spate of such attacks in South Armagh has coincided with far-reaching and politically-motivated policing reforms in the area;’

                                                                                                                                                            [Miss Deirdre Hargey]

[Mr Cathal Boylan] 

Motion: Relationships and Sexuality Education


That this Assembly recognises the value of compulsory, standardised, inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based and age-appropriate Relationships and Sexuality Education as a means of empowering and preparing our children and young people for life; regrets that children and young people in Northern Ireland have not had access to such a curriculum; acknowledges that teachers and school staff must have the support, training and resources they require to feel confident in delivering Relationships and Sexuality Education in schools; further recognises that Relationships and Sexuality Education has a vital role to play in tackling violence against women and girls; and calls on the Minister of Education to bring forward a plan which enshrines the right of children and young people to access Relationships and Sexuality Education and which values their voice in the development of a curriculum that will deliver a standardised, inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based, and age-appropriate Relationships and Sexuality Education.

                                                                                                [Ms Kate Nicholl]

[Mr Nick Mathison]

[Ms Connie Egan]

[Miss Nuala McAllister]

Amendment 1

After ‘against women and girls’ insert:

‘, teaching consent, educating against coercive control and highlighting the importance of nurturing positive relationships’

[Ms Cara Hunter]

[Mr Colin McGrath]

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