Hospital Parking Charges Bill

Call for Evidence

The Committee for Health would like to hear your views on the Hospital Parking Charges Bill.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday, 22 December 2021.



The Hospital Parking Charges Bill was introduced in the Assembly on 18 October 2021.  The purpose of the Bill is to prohibit the imposition by Health and Social Care hospitals of charges for car parking; and for connected purposes.


How to submit your views

It is important that your submission is structured to address the specific clauses and schedules of the Bill.

If appropriate, it should include any amendments you wish to propose to the text of the Bill.


Written submissions should be sent electronically in Word format (not PDF) to:


If you cannot submit electronically you may send in a hard copy written submission to:

The Health Committee Clerk, Room 419, Parliament Buildings, Ballymiscaw, Stormont, Belfast, BT4 3XX.


Organisations or individuals responding to this call for views should note that their written submission (either in whole or part) may be published on the Committee webpage and may be quoted in the Committee’s report or referred to in Committee meetings (which are public and are broadcast).


The Committee recognises that in some circumstances people may prefer for their evidence to be treated as confidential, or published anonymously. If you wish to do this, please make this clear when submitting your evidence.


Before sending us your views please read the Northern Ireland Assembly Privacy Notice. This tells you how we process your personal data.


If you have any queries or require any further information about the call for evidence or the Committee Stage of the Health and Social Care Bill, please contact the Health Committee Clerk by email: or by phone at 028 9052 1787.


Further information