Memo from Committee for AERA

Memo from Committee for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs regarding Medicines and Medical Devices Bill – Further Legislative Consent Motion

From: Stella McArdle, Clerk Committee for AGriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

To: Éilis Haughey, Clerk Committee for Health

Date: 13 November 2020

Subject: Medicines and Medical Devices Bill – Further LCM


At its meeting on 12 November 2020, the AERA Committee considered oral and written evidence on the above Bill. It considered the Bill and examined a number of matters with officials on amendments which relate to Veterinary Medicine.

Members raised a query in relation to the amendments proposed in respect of information sharing in order for information to be shared with bodies outside the UK in pursuance of international agreements and arrangements and how this would comply with the Data Protection Act. Departmental officials advised that Bill would be fully compliment with all aspects of the Data Protection Act in the sharing of information.

Members raised a query in relation to the lengthy list of matters on the which regulations might be made and sought reassurance that any procedures in relation to this are put in place by the end of the transition period. Officials confirmed that this would this would be the case.

The Committee agreed that it had no concerns with the further legislative consent motion in so far as it relates to Part 2 of the Bill on Veterinary Medicines.