Safefood Response

Financial Reporting (Departments and Public Bodies) Bill

Safefood Response

I refer to your email below which was sent to our information email address. Please note that as a North South body safefood is bound by requirements set out in our Financial Memorandum which was issued jointly by our sponsor departments and approved by both Departments of Finance. That memorandum sets out the financial procedures and accountability arrangements which govern the operating and financial relationship between the NSMC, the two sponsoring departments and safefood. The requirements of the memorandum are mandatory and must be strictly adhered to at all times. The memorandum contains the following paragraph on page 9:

Implementation of Guidance

You will note that any guidance must be agreed by the finance departments, North and South, before being issued to N/S Bodies and that N/S bodies are not NDPBs but are treated as being analogous to NDPBs. We have not received a communication from the Committee which you refer to, but in any case can only implement any guidance issued jointly by both Departments of Finance.

Kind Regards, Angela

Angela Cahill MIATI ACA, Corporate Operations Manager

safefood, 7 Eastgate Avenue, Eastgate, Little Island, Co Cork, T45 RX01 Tel: +353212304102 |


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