Research Papers 2011

Synopsis: Here you will find a list of Committee for Employment and Learning research papers published during 2011.

Adult Literacy Strategies in Northern Ireland, the UK and ROI

- Date: 18/11/2011 - Author: Eóin Murphy

This paper was commissioned by the Committee for Employment and Learning in order to examine the levels of adult literacy in Northern Ireland (NI). The paper also provides details on the literacy and numeracy strategies of NI, Wales, Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). For the purposes of this paper ‘literacy’ refers to both literacy and numeracy.


EU Research, Innovation and Training Funding

- Date: 18/11/2011 - Author: Eóin Murphy

This paper provides details on the research, development, innovation, training and learning funding received by Northern Ireland from the European Union.


The Confucius Institute

- Date: 10/11/2011 - Author: Eóin Murphy

The following paper provides a brief introduction to the Confucius Institute.


European Commission Legislative Proposals 2011

- Date: 06/10/2011 - Author: Eóin Murphy

This table provides details of the European Commission Legislative Proposals 2011. This includes the estimated date of adoption, current stage of progress, perceived relevance to Northern Ireland, and the indicative date of when the Committee can become involved. This table also highlights where any subsidiarity issues have been identified.


The Gender Pay Gap

- Date: 15/09/2011 - Author: Eoin Murphy

This paper will briefly discuss the gender pay gap. The paper begins by discussing the existing pay differences between men and women in the United Kingdom (UK) regions with a focus on graduate pay. It then discusses the main reasons behind this pay disparity including job segregation and education.


Current and Proposed Higher Education Student Finance Arrangements in the UK Regions

- Date: 17/05/2011 - Author: Eoin Murphy

This paper examines the existing Higher Education finance arrangements for the four UK Regions and the current proposed changes to these systems.


The Economics of Higher Education

- Date: 21/04/2011 - Author: Eoin Murphy

This paper provides a brief discussion on the economics of Higher Education (HE). The paper quickly explores the causes of growth, the social rates of return from HE and the individual benefits resulting from a third level education. The paper also considers perceived disadvantages of Higher Education such as overreliance on it for economic growth and the potential impact of over qualification in the labour market.


European Commission Work Programme 2011: Employment and Learning

- Date: 18/03/2011 - Author: Eoin Murphy

The following Briefing Paper has been written for the Committee for Employment and Learning to inform their scrutiny of the Northern Ireland Executive’s implementation of strategic initiatives and legislation being produced by the European Commission which fall under the Committee’s remit. The Briefing Paper discusses the European Commission Work Programme for 2011 (published October 2010) and the proposals, initiatives and communications due to be adopted between 2011 and 2014.