Minutes of Proceedings

Session: 2012/2013

Date: 09 December 2009

Venue: Room 135

1. Chairman's Introduction

The Chairman welcomed the Deputy Chairman and members of the Committee to the first meeting and introduced the Clerk and his staff. He outlined the wide-ranging powers and responsibilities of the Committee which enabled it to enquire into matters within its areas of responsibility, take evidence from a wide range of witnesses and report its findings to the Assembly. He also assured members that resources would be available to enable the Committee to discharge its responsibilities.

2. Declaration of Interests

The Chairman advised members that they must declare any pecuniary interests. Each member had received a Members' Interests Registration Form and he requested that they complete it as soon as possible if they had not already done so. The Clerk was available to provide advice if required.

3. Draft Press Release

Agreed: A draft press release was agreed and it was confirmed that it would be given the normal circulation by the Information Office.

4. Primary Legislation

The Chairman outlined the Committee's role in taking the Committee Stage of primary legislation.

5. Subordinate Legislation

Agreed: In accordance with the recommendation in Annex 5 of the agenda it was agreed that the Committee would retain the right to examine all Statutory Rules and the Examiner of Statutory Rules should be invited to examine the technical aspects of rules and report his findings to the Committee.

Agreed: The Clerk will prepare a short paper on Committee consideration of Statutory Rules.

6. Draft Work Programme

Members gave consideration to a wide range of priority issues and topics which may be the subject of Committee enquiry in due course. Members agreed to give further consideration to these in the process of finalising a Committee work programme.


(i) The Clerk will invite the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Education and a small number of senior officials to the next Committee meeting on16 December to give a presentation on the Department's current funding allocation, it's key priorities and issues requiring attention.

(ii)Arrangements will be made for the Education and Library Boards, the CCMS, the CCEA, the Chief Inspector of Schools and the Youth Service to give short presentations to the Committee at a meeting early in January.

(iii) The Committee will consider its response to the Department of Education consultation document "Learning for Tomorrow's World". The possibility of an extension of the deadline of 14 January 2000 for receipt of comments on the consultation document will be investigated.

7.Date of Next Meeting

The Committee will meet at 10.30 am on Thursday 16 December in Room 135, Parliament Buildings.

8. Any Other Business

Agreed: The Committee Clerk will consider the difficulty that several members have with committee engagements clashing.

The Committee discussed the recent demonstrations by school pupils and the Chairman asked for restraint to be shown by all.


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